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Property valuations are carried out for financing purposes, sale and purchase negotiations, capital issues, balance sheet updates, rental determination, fire insurance, compulsory acquisition claims, stamp duty or capital gain objections, civil suits, foreclosures, receiverships, and transfer pricing.

Our firm has undertaken valuations of all categories of client instructions involving properties of all types and sizes. Our Valuation Department is staffed by competent professionals who have the benefit of expertise, resources, information and thorough procedures built up over 3 decades of reliable experience.

We are well-regarded particularly in the financial sector where we are listed in the Panel of Valuers of more than 50 banks and other financial institutions. Each year, we handle more than 5,000 valuation assignments throughout Malaysia.

property valuation 05
Compulsory Acquisition Claims for Ampang Park.

property valuation 03 Valuation of Aircraft Hangar for Transfer Pricing.

property valuation 06
Valuation of a University Campus for Financing.