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Fluctuations in currency exchange rates, taxes and duties, freight and installation costs, differing accounting policies, depreciation, obsolescence and the extent of usage and service of the plants, machinery and equipment often render their values to differ far from their depreciated historical costs. Hence, it is necessary to carry out machinery valuations by independent professionals who have access to current machinery information and frequent exposure to the second-hand machinery market.

Machinery valuations are usually carried out for financing purposes, fire insurance, sale and purchase negotiations, balance sheet updates, capital allowances, import certifications, civil suits and receiverships.

Each year, we complete numerous assignments in machinery valuation, ranging from the most complicated in refinery plant technologies, the latest in sophisticated computer equipment, the subtle abstraction of antiques to the simplest in office furniture.

machine valuation 03
Roof Tile Plant and Machinery.
machine valuation 06
Biodiesel Plant.